About SafeChoice, Inc.

The SafeChoice, Inc. staff of accounting professionals provides bookkeeping, payroll and tax preparation to assist you in maintaining a financially sound organization.

Since 1968, we have been involved in all aspects of corporate, organizational and municipal accounting. As technology advanced over the years, we partnered with a leading accounting software developer in 1996 to provide our clients with a computerized accounting system that included the Commercial Accounting, Fund Accounting, Non-Profit Accounting, Utility Billing software programs.

As our relationship with the software developer strengthened, we realized that there was a need to expand into areas of automated accounting that would be beneficial to the growth of the two companies as well as the products we could offer our clients. In July, 2009, in order to provide a truly FULL-SERVICE operation, a merger of our two companies was completed to form SafeChoice, Inc.

Today, SafeChoice, Inc. has a base of over 3,500 clients nationwide.

Along with our staff of accounting professionals, the computer programming and support staff help to provide you the most positive method of dealing with bookkeeping, payroll and tax preparation. On-site, web, hosted, cloud production of bookkeeping, payroll and tax preparation can now be completed via advances such as GotoMeeting®, Skype®, MSN®, etc.

SafeChoice, Inc. offers its clients and customers everything from software programs alone, to complete books, payroll, tax forms, and tax returns and professional consultation. It is your choice.

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